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Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts (International Program)

ชื่อเต็ม (ภาษาไทย) : นิเทศศาสตรบัณฑิต
ชื่อเต็ม (ภาษาอังกฤษ) : Bachelor of Communication Arts
ชื่อย่อ (ภาษาไทย) : นศ.บ.
ชื่อย่อ (ภาษาอังกฤษ) : B.Com.Arts

Communication Arts (International Program) focus on the many ways that people communicate with each other. It includes a broad introduction to journalism, advertising, public relations, motion picture and video, marketing communication, and digital media. Communication Arts courses are highly customized, offering students a few core courses followed by the opportunity to select electives from a number of communication disciplines. We offer a combination communication arts and practical program that focuses heavily on variety of professional experiences. Communication Arts (International Program) also include classes in writing for mass media and journalism.

Communication Arts (International Program) is a degree program at a 4-year college or university. Typically, this program only requires a high school certificate or GED equivalent for enrollment.

Communication Arts (International program) can be customized with electives in many communication-related areas. In addition to general education classes, possible course topics may include:

  1. Mass communication and society
  2. Speaking in public
  3. Writing for mass media
  4. Understanding the media
  5. Issues in advertising, public relations, journalism, marketing communication, and film. The Communication Arts (International Program) uses a unique blend of theory-driven and experienced-based classes where students acquire the knowledge and skills to enter the media industry. Fields of study include production, campaign activities, professional practices, mass media, or convergent media delivery and prepares students for further study at the graduate level. The Communication Arts (International Program) addresses the Guiding Principles and Objectives with the expectation that students will:
  6. Display mastery of both theoretical and empirical knowledge in the field of communications.
  7. Demonstrate intellectual imagination and professional strategic creativity demonstrated in individual theses and projects on various issues of communications.
  8. Conduct critical analysis of mediated communication in both social and cultural scopes.
  9. Provide articulated presentation of scholarly concepts and professional works.
  10. Make contribution to both academic and professional sectors in the field of communications through original research and alternative perspectives.

Communication Arts Career Opportunities
  1. Media
    1. Anchorperson
    2. Film Director
    3. Lighting Technician
    4. Media Critic
    5. Producer
    6. Reporter
    7. Script Writer
    8. Sound Technician
    9. Sports Announcer
    10. Videographer
  2. Business
    1. Advertising Executive
    2. Communication Consultant
    3. Customer Service Representative
    4. Development Officer
    5. Director of Corporate Communication
    6. Marketing Communication Manager
    7. Marketing Manager
    8. Media Account Executive
    9. Public Affairs Director
    10. Publications Editor
    11. Public Relations Officer
    12. Telecommunications Specialist
  3. Education/Community
    1. Arts Administrator
    2. Community Affairs Liaison
    3. Community Relations Director
    4. Diplomatic Host/Hostess
    5. Government Lobbyist
    6. Governmental Press Secretary
    7. Language Arts Teacher
    8. Legislative Correspondent
    9. Political Campaign Director
    10. Politician
    11. Public Information Officer
    12. Speech Writer
    13. University Professor
1.Number of Required Credits 126 credits
2.Curriculum Structure
   2.1 Preparatory Courses (Non-credit) 18 credits
   2.2 General Education Courses 30 credits
   2.3 Specialized Core Courses 90 credits
      1) Foundation Core courses 36 credits
      2) Major Core Courses 54 credits
   2.4 Free Elective Courses Not less than 6 credits
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